Observer, Facilitator, Fair player

I’m living my purpose: to bring brightness everywhere I go in everyone’s life.

What moves me?

Practising every day, connecting left and right, expressing myself, communicating, building bridges, uniting people, being a human.

How do I have the energy for all this?

I share my life with the ones I love and I do what I like. This is quite empowering.

Dr. Bozhana Ivanova


I love people


The main focus of my projects is on:
+ Teaching young people
+ Helping the elderly
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UX design became my passion long ago. Nowadays, I help teams and lead courses, I host events and grow the UX maturity of various companies.

Experience designer

I design delightful experiences


Martial artist

I play beautifully in my zone

I practise Explosives Wing Chun (incl. Tai Chi and Chi Gong). In addition, I’m happy to be the founder of our martial arts school in Varna, Bulgaria. Find out more on Explosives Wing Chun Varna.


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