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Dr. Bozhana Ivanova

Listener, Observer, Facilitator, Mentor, Fair player
Playing beautifully in my zone, I'm living my purpose: to bring brightness everywhere I go in everyone's life. I'm assisting and empowering others to discover their greatness. What is more, I'm the author of Tao of Your Game.

What moves me?
Practise every day. UX design, Martial arts (Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Chi Gong), beach volleyball, connecting left and right, expressing myself, communicating, connecting dots, uniting people, being a human.

How do I have the energy for all this?
I share my life with the ones I love and I do what I like. This is quite empowering.

Dr. Bozhana Ivanova

Dr Bozhana Ivanova likeabo Tao of Your Game