Tao of Your Game

Tao of Your Game a book by Dr. Bozhana Ivanova

Tao of Your Game is a book I wrote for you to share that I see life as a game where playing is living and living is constant movement. In this sense, life is a game and the game is life, meaning that you need to grow your imagination and discover new ways of doing things in order to achieve results you couldn’t achieve before and see views you haven’t seen yet.

I’m willing to share with you what I’ve learned – my way of living, the methods and mindset that work for me, but the best I can do is to encourage you to listen to yourself, explore and recognize what works for you.

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E-book, Paperback or Audiobook. The book can be purchased on Amazon, Barns&Noble and many others. The English audiobook Tao of Your Game is narrated by the lovely Lauren Henry. You can enjoy her pleasant voice while raising your awareness.

Tao of Your Game is translated in Bulgarian, Spanish and German

The translated versions aren’t available as a paper book. Hoever, you can download them here for FREE. In case you’d like to support me and the the good people and causes I help, feel free to send your contribution to

  • Bozhana Ivanova, IBAN: BG20UBBS80021098505110
  • PayPal bozhanaux@gmail.com mentioning the purpose of your contribution 

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What happens with your money

With the income of Tao of Your Game I support good causes and people. Amongst them are:

  • travelling volleyball school for kids in Tanzania, Africa
  • TimeHeroes causes providing support for elderly people who live in the mountain areas in Bulgaria and need food and supplies;
  • beach volleyball school for kids in Bulgaria;
  • young mothers who are taking care of their children by themselves;
  • young talents who are changing their career path in order to build and live a happier, more purpoceful life;
  • artists and musicians;
  • people who reach for their dreams;
  • medication of people on their way to health, and more.

I personally choose the causes. And I continue working on expanding my impact, already writing my second book.

Thank you to all who helped me completely for free just because their hearts are pure. All this is possible because of you!

Dr. Bozhana Ivanova