February 6, 2020

Tao of Your Game

Tao of Your Game a book by Dr. Bozhana IvanovaTao of Your Game is a book I wrote for you to share that I see life as a game where playing is living and living is constant movement. In this sense, life is a game and the game is life, meaning that you need to grow your imagination and discover new ways of doing things in order to achieve results you couldn’t achieve before and see views you haven’t seen yet.

I’m willing to share with you what I’ve learned – my way of living, the methods and mindset that work for me, but the best I can do is to encourage you to listen to yourself, explore and recognize what works for you. Read the full introduction.

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Purchase Tao of Your Game

E-book, Paperbook or Audiobook. The book can be also purchased on Amazon, Barns&Noble and others. With the income of Tao of Your Game I support people in their education and development process.

Workshops on Tao of Your Game

Workshops related to the application of Tao of Your Game in personal and business development are available. You can book a workshop by sending a request here. What is more, in these workshops we pay attention to one’s values, creation and implementation of strategies, goal definition, product and project description, roadmaps and more.

Tao of Your Game gives information about the basic meaning and application of all these tools, so please read the book before booking a workshop and book a workshop only in case you need assistance to apply it practically. If you can’t afford the book, please send me an email request, so you can be one of the selected to receive a free copy of the ebook for your personal use.

I usually respond to your requests within a week. Thank you for your interest in Tao of Your Game.