May 24, 2018

Publications UE-Varna


Creation of a responsive website that allows professors in the University of Economics – Varna to upload their scientific papers, keep track of them and generate reports easily.

My Role

I worked as a UX designer and was supported by a graphic designer in this project. I was in charge of the process of user research, information architecture reorganization, building a style guide, creation of mockups and UI for the website. We had to make sure that the suggested design allows professors of all ages to interact easily with the system.


Photoshop, Illustrator, Balsamiq Mockups


4 months


  • I created an information architecture based on the requirements defined by the customer. I discussed it with the developers and the UI designer who was helping me with the project.
  • I created 2 personas. We needed them due to the specific needs of the users that were going to work with this website – most of the professors are not very young and it wasn’t a good idea to hide and show elements, use smaller fonts, etc.
  • After defining the website structure I made sketches of the homepage and the admin panel.
  • Then I proceeded with lo-fi wireframes. We had 3 users take a look at them. The wireframes helped us identify some issues and as a result, we changed the navigation. We decided not to use hamburger menu on desktop version, because some of the users found it confusing.
  • We proceeded with selecting a color scheme, selecting images for the UI and creating the logo of the platform.
  • Then we selected the fonts and defined the typography rulles we’d follow. We put together a style guide for the developers to use (e.g. while developing a simple login page) without needing us to help them. The platform was expected to grow, so the style guide was really needed, in terms to ensure consistency of designs.
  • After putting together the style guide, we created the UI design of the website and admin panel. We tried to follow the design line of the UE-Varna official website, but at the same time make it more modern and clean.

UE-Varna website