March 5, 2019

My Way and what works for me – outdated

This is how I live: In thinking, I keep to the simple. In work, I do what I enjoy. In family life, I am completely present.


“Listen to your body, not anybody”

  • Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Chi Kung (Wing Chun school, Munich, Germany)
  • Beach Volleyball (Beach Volleyball coach, Munich, Germany)
  • Ping pong
  • Basketball ring shots
  • Off-season body training
  • Balance and coordination exercises, juggling
  • Breathing exercises
  • Speed and flexibility exercises
  • Strength exercises
  • Endurance exercises
  • Swimming
  • 5 senses exercises
  • Everything with the left hand or eyes closed
  • Cold and mindset – System of Porfirii Ivanov, video by Sergei Vityaz (Russian)
  • Abs exercises
  • Natural ways of healing
  • Laughter 😀
  • Language training:
  • Caring:


“Life starts with a question”

  • Self smart – listen to the body, to the intuition
  • Picture smart – art science, shapes, colors
  • People smart – read people and listen to people when they need to share something – listen first, then listen more
  • Word smart – alphabets, languages, meaning
  • Logic smart – math, puzzles, it is all a game for me
  • Music smart – piano, music science
  • Nature smart – listen to the nature, use all 5 senses
  • Focus training, silence, stillness, consciousness
  • Mind mapping
  • Planning with Trello boards and checklists
  • Memory programming
  • Agile in thinking and living
  • Applying 7 principles of Huna
  • Having a vision – Isaac Lidsky TED talk
  • Being a brilliant startegist:
    • Mission – why do we exist?
    • Values – what do we believe in, how do we behave?
    • Vision – what we want to be, how do we see our perfect business?
    • Strategy – what is our competitive game plan?
    • Balanced scorecard – how do we monitor and implement that plan?
    • OKRs, SMART goals, Roadmap, Kanban/Scrum board, Agile mindset
    • Success story board

Life is good! 😁It’s not about thinking, it’s about being. Lack seriousness, enjoy every moment, be light-hearted, hurry never.

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