My Projects

Here you can find some of all projects I’ve had the opportunity to particiapte in the last few years.

Humanitarian projects

TimeHeroes LikeaBo projects


I’ve participated in various TimeHeroes projects related to the elderly, teaching kids and cleaning the environment.

Tao of Your Game book likeabo Dr Bozhana Ivanova

Tao of Your Game

Tao of Your Game is a book about personal growth and discovering the full potential of a person.

Likeabo Dr Bozhana Ivanova


I often participate in projects related to education or focused on improving the wellbeing of people and nature.

Design-related projects

Stila 2 Bozhana Ivanova likeabo coworking space co-working office varna

Stila 2

Stila 2 is a business I started in 2012. The company owns various businesses like design academy, facilities for private lessons and courses, IT consulting business, co-working space and more.

Coming soon LikeaBo Bozhana Ivanova

My UX Resources

Welcome to my UX resources where you can find templates and good practices I’ve developed and collected over time.

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Leaders in UX

I’ve often participated in projects focused on improving the wellbeing of people and nature.

Coming soon LikeaBo Bozhana Ivanova

UX for Leaders

I’m facilitating workshops and consultations for the leadership. They are helpful for product owners and project managers, as well as C-level leaders.

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Sustainable UX UI

Sustainable UX UI is a community of mindful UX and UI designers.

Conference UX meetup design event course likeabo Bozhana Ivanova

UX events

I’m facilitating various UX design events, from pairing sessions to design workshops. Want to join? Just send me a reques via email or on Instagram > BozhanaUX.

Sport-related and other projects I support

SouLabour Likeabo Dr. Bozhana Ivanova Vyara Yordanova


likeaBo Bozhana Ivanova Play positive academy