UX design portfolio of Dr. Bozhana Ivanova

More than 7 years of professional experience in the field of UX design after my studies

Automotive and Mobility apps

With my teams I’ve worked on:

  • Technician app
  • Car sharing app
  • Power sharing app
  • Automotive companion apps
  • Fleet management app
  • Mobile keys app
  • NFC token writer app
  • Smart lock administration app.

Functionalities we’ve designed:

  • Insurance integration
  • User profiles and payment integration
  • Statistics and administrative tools
  • DTC fault tracking system
  • ECU service system
  • Dashboards and advanced filters.

We’ve achieved:

  • MVP releases
  • App releases
  • Users increase (150% for 3 months)
  • Improvement after user testing (from 35% to 95% successfully accomplishing the tasks users).


Dashboards and IoT platforms

With my teams I’ve worked on:

  • EV fleet management dashboard
  • Green energy dashboard
  • Tenant management platform
  • Yacht store dashboard
  • Supermarket chain dashboard.

Functionalities we’ve designed:

  • nteractive data visualisations with D3 and C3.js
  • Advanced filters
  • Incident tracking systems (for EMEA)
  • Infographic
  • Tenant and subtenant administration panels
  • Building administration panels
  • Building models for access permissions management.

We’ve achieved:

  • MVP releases
  • Dashboards and platform releases
  • Improvement after user testing (from 20% to 85% successfully accomplishing the tasks users)
  • Decrease in the length of UI flows from 30 to 12 steps in a registration process.

Other UX services and projects

With my teams I’ve worked on:

  • Corporate websites
  • Landing pages
  • Online stores
  • Automotive key platform
  • UX audits
  • CRO consulting from UX side
  • Complete user journey mapping
  • UX strategies, research, usability testing and more.

My main focus have been on:

  • UX team architecture and building great teams according to the budget we have
  • Wireframes, prototypes
  • Design teams and circles leadership
  • Usability testing, usability reports
  • Facilitating UX workshops
  • Mentoring of young talent.

We’ve made happen:

  • Business goals achievement impact per quarter of the year
  • Design and implementation of a complete UX strategy
  • UX team architecture improvement.


Feedback from those who have collaborated with me

Bo (and her team) were extremely creative and responsive as she delivered this elegant platform via sprints/ agile and Bluemix. Highlights – ease of doing business with, clear alignment to our mutual goals, accountability, AND execution as committed. Well done Bo! Thank you.

Steven Kind
Executive Partner – High Tech Industry: CEO/ Senior Executive Programs

Bozhana is keen to deliver great usability of IT products to the customer. She develops solutions creatively and analytically and she inspires others to actively participate in shaping good design in workshops, which she moderates.

Dr. Bastian Migge
Agile Leader

Extremely resourceful team player! Working fast and always with pleasure. Looking forward to another chance to work together!

Ivan Kuyumdzhiev
Associate Professor/Director at UE – Varna

I enjoyed working with Bozhana on the creation of Microsites. She has a lot of ideas in her design, and is also efficient in her work. She possesses strong leadership skills and helps new team members get into the work process. She is very attentive to client’s requirements, too. Besides that, she made an extra mile to pick up a web developer role when the team was short of resources. I hope to work with her again.

Cynthia Lian
Program Manager at IBM

What am I like in UX desing

  • Agile teams are where I feel I can contribute the most. I enjoy using tools like Figma, Confluence, Jira, Pembio, Slack, etc.
  • Projects in mobility, automotive, agile methodologies and project management have the highest priority for me at the moment, although I am open to other opportunities, too.
  • Projects related to health care, smoking, betting, weapons and oil industry are the ones that are outside of my scope of interest.
  • Apart from consulting, I also teach students UX design. What is more, I enjoy being a public speaker or visitor at UX conferences and other IT events.
  • You can read the full feedback left by the experts who have collaborated with me on my LinkedIn profile page.