August 28, 2018

Here I am

Dr Bozhana Ivanova likeabo Tao of Your GameListener, Observer, Facilitator, Mentor, Fairplayer Passionate about growing the UX maturity of organizations, having a background in front-end development, UI design, lateral leading, higher education and team architecture.

I help people identify and reach their goals in terms of personal and professional development. Author of Tao of Your Game.

What moves me: practice every day. Martial arts (Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Qi Gong), beach volleyball, swimming, cooking, playing the piano, juggling, communication in foreign languages, connecting dots, uniting people, being a human.

How I have the energy for all this? I share my life with the ones I love and I do what I like. This is quite empowering.

Dr. Bozhana Ivanova