May 24, 2018

Cherry by Mary


Design a website for a small local bakery that produces and sells gourmet sweets. The website suppose show that the bakery makes difference with their specific style

My Role

I had to create a design based on user and business needs research


Photoshop, Illustrator, Balsamiq Mockups


3 weeks


  • I worked by myself in this project.
  • I helped the customer define the information architecture of the website.
  • I researched the users of the bakery and made 3 personas that helped me define how to prioritize the elements of UI in the website layout.
  • I collected feedback about the customers and customer journey form the employees and the owner of the bakery.
  • Then I came up with paper sketches and lo-fi wireframes, I created in Balsamiq Mockups.
  • I collected some feedback about the layout from the bakery owner again. We made a small usability test with the sketch before I start developing the screens in Photoshop. Based on that I adjusted some elements in the design and also the contact form.
  • I chose to follow Material Design and create an a website design. I used the logo of the bakery to define the main color scheme.
  • Then I created the UI design of all screens in Photoshop. I discussed them with the owner and then refined them.
  • At the end I provided a finished design but the owner of the bakery decided to slow down the process because his business didn’t have enough capacity at that time to grow and take more orders from customers. The bakery is growing and preparing for going smoothly in the next phase of business development, focusing its priorities on the satisfied customers.

Cherry by Mary bakery website