February 19, 2020

Leading experience

BlueID GmbH Website redesign project
2018 – 2020 | Project lead

I was a project lead in a small team of 8 employees plus 2 external developers for redesign of the BlueID corporate website. I had the following responsibilities:

  • website project kick-off (define way of working and communication channels, project scope definition, role definition, project roadmap creation, content ownership definition);
  • creation of information architecture and content blocks together with the Marketing team;
  • defining priorities and phases of the project;
  • hiring a designer and choose a design guide;
  • selection of a CMS for the website development;
  • hiring an outsourcing company/developers;
  • managing the whole process within the team, give the developers assignments and support them;
  • status updates and demos;
  • onboarding of Marketing team in administration of the website;
  • SEO reports, analysis and improvements;
  • creating a lesson log.

Besides that I have learned from Prince 2 about proper project management, strategy and leading, which assisted me in accomplishing the project in a successful way. Moreover, in BlueID I participated actively in OKR and KPI definition, Roadmap creation, User story writing, Backlog grooming, etc.

For the 2 years in BlueID, we applied both Scrum and Kanban methodology with 2 weeks sprints.

IBM Project for Microsite and dashboard development
2016 – 2018 | Team lead

For one year I was a team lead of a small agile team 8-9 people (there were 2 design interns and some external developers joining the team at this time). We worked in an agile way, tried to be flexible and always learning from every new Microsite and Dashboard we developed.

I communicated directly with our customers, our project lead in IBM and the team. I translated the customer needs to our development team. I coordinated the whole process and I was adapting quickly to the insights our research gave us about the various customers, we worked with (yacht industry, automotive, financial institutions, alternative energy manufacturers, supermarket chains, etc.).

I did multiple demos and participated actively in synchronizing the team workflow and the time frames we had. We applied Scrum methodology with 2 weeks sprints.

University of Economics – Varna and other projects
2014 – 2016 | Project lead

  • I was a leader of multiple working groups in the university of Economics – Varna and at the same time I participated in various international projects related to business and education. This gave me a strong foundation in process and project management and team collaboration.
  • In a project for development of a system for academic publications I was leading UX designer in a small team of 5 people – project lead, two developers and two UX and UI designers.
  • I participated in 1st place award winning team in Startup weekend competition where I was responsible for organizing the team demo. We introduced to the jury the developed VR application for education purposes.
  • I took part in multiple campaigns as a volunteer where I also applied my skills to communicate, organize and lead small teams.