March 4, 2019

Kids plant trees

What we did: We taught kids to plant trees. The kids are living in a  home for kids without parents, who are able to take care of them.

How we did it: We explained and demonstrated how to plant a tree by doing it ourselves, we also assisted them to experience it themselves (teaching and learning through experience). We shared with the kids our time and attention, our care and understanding, our kindness and silly sense of humor, joking and laughing the whole day. We were their family that day. And every other time we went to clean the beach with them, or when we went canoeing, so they can learn also to have fun. To feel joy from pure experiences in the nature, instead of use of drugs, alchochol, etc. on the street.

Result: It was a great day – everyone planted a tree, everyone spend a day in nature, everyone expressed their love and care through action.

Tree planting with the kids likeabo Bozhana Ivanova

likeabo teach children to plant trees and take care of them