May 24, 2018

IBM Microsites project


Creation of microsites for the business. The microsite purpose is to represent a company during orals and help winning the deal while negotiating.

My Role

I was leading a FE team and supporting them with design, FE, UX, customer demo and team organization.


We were building responsive websites via templates, using LESS, IBM Bluemix, Adobe Photoshop, Sublime, D3 and C3.js


1 year and 9 months, developing a new microsite or dashboard every 2-4 weeks


  • We had to create a new website for a new customer every 2-4 weeks
  • Microsites contain interactive D3.js data representations, dashboard functionalities and reporting tools
  • Design of the microsite is being adjusted so it can¬†transfer the brand identity and regional requirements into interaction concepts